PHOTO RELEASE: Jinggoy proposes new pay hike for 1.9M gov’t employees

Jinggoy proposes new pay hike for 1.9M gov’t employees: Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada has filed a bill proposing a new round of increase in the take-home pay of an estimated 1.9 million government employees. This bill aims to provide a 10 to 46 percent adjustment in their salaries during the four-year implementation of the proposed measure. Under Senate Bill 2611, the first tranche will grant government workers a 10 percent increase, followed by an 11 percent increase for the second tranche or second year of implementation, a 12 percent increase for the third tranche, and finally, a 13 percent increase on the fourth tranche. This results in an overall 46 percent hike during the covered period of the proposed law.