First Regular Session 

[ FILED ON JULY 6, 2022 ]

SBN-41: Strengthening the National Wages and Productivity Commission Act

SBN-42: Magna Carta for Workers in the Informal Economy

SBN-43: Condonation of Penalties for Unpaid Social Security System Contributions of Household Employers

SBN-44: Working Time Flexibilization in the Private Sector

SBN-45: Freelancers Protection Act

SBN-46: Magna Carta of Seafarers

SBN-47: Indigent Job Applicants Discount Act

SBN-48: Bus Drivers and Conductors Compensation Act

SBN-49: National Manpower Data and Placement Center Act

SBN-50: National Employment Assistance Center of the Philippines Act of 2022

[ FILED ON JULY 11, 2022 ]

SBN-278: Resettlement, Aid and Rehabilitation Services for the Informal Settlers

SBN-279: Expanding the Coverage of the Tertiary Education Subsidy

SBN-280: Comprehensive Assistance Program for Public Utility Vehicle Drivers Act

SBN-281: Virology Institute of the Philippines (VIP) Act

SBN-282: Better Internet Act

SBN-283: Instructional Garden and Urban Agriculture Act of 2022

SBN-284: Military and Uniformed Personnel Services Separation, Retirement, and Pension Act of 2022

SBN-285: National Defense University of the Philippines (NDUP) Act

SBN-286: OTOP Philippines Act of 2022

SBN-287: DOH Hospital Bed Capacity and Service Capability Rationalization Act

[ FILED ON JULY 13, 2022 ]

SBN-453: Postponing the December 2022 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (BSKE)

SBN-454: Rainwater Harvesting Facility Act

SBN-456: Establishing Greater Responsibility and Accountability from Private Employment Agencies (PEA)

SBN-457: Strengthening the Inspection Function of the Department of Labor and Employment

SBN-458: Requiring the Regional Board to Issue a Wage Order Every Year, Amending the Labor Code of the Philippines (Article 123 of Presidential Decree No. 442)

SBN-459: Increasing the Penalties for Non-Compliance of the Prescribed Increases and Adjustments in the Wage Rates of Workers, Amending RA 6727: Wage Rationalization Act

SBN-460: Eddie Garcia Law (Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Workers and Talents in the Movie and Television Industry)

SBN-461: Media and Entertainment Workers’ Welfare Act

SBN-462: Philippine Archipelagic Sea Lanes Act

SBN-463: Rental Housing Subsidy Act of 2022

SBN-464: BPO Workers Health and Safety Act of 2022

SBN-465: Multipurpose Gym in All Municipalities and Cities Act of 2022

SBN-466: Agriculture Information System Act

SBN-467: Strengthening the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Mechanism in the Philippines (Amending RA 9147: Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act)

SBN-468: Revitalized Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Act

SBN-469: Incentives for Rental Residential Housing by the Private Sector Act

SBN-470: Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (ADAC) Law

SBN-471: Bangko sa Baryo Act

SBN-472: Safe Pathways Network Act

[ FILED ON JULY 18, 2022 ]

SBN-664: Forest Land Limits Act

SBN-665: Providing Mechanisms That Shall Ensure the Effective Implementation of RA 10176: Arbor Day Act of 2012

SBN-666: Increasing the Recruitment Quota Requirement of Female PNP Officers, Amending Sec. 58 of RA 8551

SBN-667: Barangay Registry of Professionals and Skilled Workers Act

SBN-668: Rank Classification and Organization of Key Positions in the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), Amending RA 9263: Bureau of Fire Protection and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Professionalization Act of 2004

SBN-669: Parking Fee Regulation Act

SBN-670: Fiscal and Monetary Report Act

SBN-671: Senior Citizens’ Fraud Education Act

SBN-672: Television Alternative Learning System Act

SBN-673: Mobility Relief Act

SBN-674: Government Financial Institutions (GFIs) Unified Initiatives to Distressed Enterprises for Economic Recovery (GUIDE) Act

SBN-675: Young Farmers and Fisherfolk Challenge Act

SBN-676: Revised Higher Education Act of 2022

SBN-677: Teaching Supplies Allowance Act of 2022

SBN-678: Expanded Career Progression System for Public School Teachers Act

SBN-679: Philippine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Act

SBN-680: Language Accessibility of Public information on Disasters Act

SBN-681: Free Legal Assistance to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) Enlisted Personnel

SBN-682: Self-Reliance Defense Posture Revitalization Act of 2022

SBN-683: Rationalizing the Disability Pension of Veterans, Amending RA 6948: Act Standardizing and Upgrading the Benefits for Military Veterans and their Beneficiaries

[ FILED ON JULY 25, 2022 ]

SBN-790: The National Mariculture Program Act

SBN-791: Disaster Resilience Act

SBN-792: Philippine Livestock Industry Development Act of 2022

SBN-793: National Quality Infrastructure Development Act

SBN-794: Granting Hazard Pay to All Duly-Appointed Barangay Tanod Brigades

SBN-795: Providing Fixed Percentage of the Value of Forfeited Properties in Corruption Cases as Additional Funding for the Office of the Ombudsman (Amending RA 1379 Sec. 6)

SBN-796: National Family Commission of the Philippines Act

SBN-797: Maternal and Infant Care Act

SBN-798: Expanded Magna Carta of Public Health Workers Act

SBN-799: Local Housing Boards Act

SBN-800: Dialysis Center Act

SBN-801: Comprehensive and Integrated National Policy and Program Guidelines for the Operation and Maintenance of Dormitories and Boarding Houses

SBN-802: SIM Card Registration Act

SBN-803: Use of Digital Payments Act

SBN-804: Enhancing the Regulation on Employment of Foreign Nationals and Transfer of Technology (Amending the Labor Code of the Philippines – Presidential Decree (PD) No. 442 Art. 40, 41, 42)

SBN-805: National Hijab Day

SBN-806: Internet Transactions Act of 2022

SBN-807: Establishment of Breast Care Centers in Every Region Nationwide

[ FILED ON AUGUST 4, 2022 ]

SBN-1017: Medical Reserve Corps Act

SBN-1018: Real Property Valuation and Assessment Reform Act

SBN-1019: National Land Use Policy Act (NALUPA) of 2022

SBN-1020: Cash Budgeting System Act

SBN-1021: National Water Act

SBN-1022: Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

SBN-1023: Amending RA 9184: Government Procurement Reform Act

SBN-1024: Amending RA 7160: Local Government Code of 1991

SBN-1026: Ensuring Equal Employment Opportunities to Members of Indigenous Cultural Communities

SBN-1027: Increasing the Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA) Granted to Government Employees to P4,000

SBN-1028: Upholding the Right of Acquisition by Qualified Beneficiaries of Government-Owned Lands, Amending RA 7279: Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992

SBN-1029: Requiring Local Government Units (LGUs) to Earmark a Portion of their National Tax Allotments for Free Medicines to Indigent Patients

SBN-1030: Establishing the Philippine Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Center

SBN-1031: Establishing a Center for Autism

SBN-1032: World-Class Filmmakers’ Incentives Act

SBN-1033: National Film Archive Act

SBN-1034: Creating and Establishing the Institute for Strategic Studies

SBN-1035: Public Schools of the Future in Technology (PSOFT) Act

SBN-1036: New Philippine Passport Act

[ FILED ON AUGUST 8, 2022 ]

SBN-1079: Geriatric Health Act

SBN-1080: The Mangrove Forest Protection and Preservation Act

SBN-1081: Science Laboratory for Basic Education Act

SBN-1082: People’s Participation in the National Budget Process Act

SBN-1083: Apprenticeship Training Act of 2022

SBN-1084: Magna Carta of Agricultural Development Workers

SBN-1085: Bureau of Immigration Modernization Act

SBN-1086: Magna Carta for Child Development Workers

SBN-1087: Declaring 27th Day of July of Every Year a Special Working Holiday in Observance of the Founding Anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC)

SBN-1088: Philippine Indigenous Games Preservation Act

SBN-1089: Philippine Maritime Zones Act

SBN-1090: Amending RA 7431: Radiologic Technology Act of 1992

SBN-1107: Indigent Children Free Medical and Dental Service Act

SBN-1108: RFID Users Protection Act

SBN-1109: Science for Change Program (S4CP) Act of 2022

SBN-1110: Expanding the Purposes and Application of the Special Education Fund (SEF), Amending Sec 272 of RA 7160: Local Government Code of 1991

SBN-1133: Establishing the Philippine Air Force Academy (PAFA)

[ FILED ON AUGUST 25, 2022 ]

SBN-1228: Reservist Employment Rights Act


SBN-1291: National Sex Offender Registry Act

SBN-1292: Barangay Integrated Development Approach for Nutrition Improvement (BIDANI) Act

SBN-1293: Foreign Service Retirement Act

SBN-1294: Rural Financial Inclusion and Literacy Act

SBN-1295: Strengthening the National Program for the Elimination of Tuberculosis, Amending RA 10767: Comprehensive Tuberculosis Elimination Plan Act

SBN-1296: Criminalizing the Creation and Dissemination of Fake News, Amending RA 10175: Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012


SBN-1300: Equality and Non-Discrimination on Race, Ethnicity and Religion Act

SBN-1301: Special Defense Economic Zone (SpeDEZ) Act

SBN-1333: Enterprise Productivity Act

[ FILED ON OCTOBER 5, 2022 ]

SBN-1364: Passive Income and Financial Intermediary Taxation Act


SBN-1436: Online Death Verification System Act

SBN-1437: Results-Based National Evaluation Policy (RBNEP) Act

SBN-1438: Right to Adequate Food Act

SBN-1439: National Parks Act

SBN-1440: Caregivers Welfare Act

SBN- 1441: Poverty Reduction Through Social Entrepreneurship (PRESENT) Act

SBN-1442: Providing Equal Cash Incentives to National Athletes and Athletes with Disabilities Who Win Medals In International Sports Competitions, Amending Sec 8 of RA 10699: National Athletes and Coaches Benefits and Incentives Act

SBN-1443: Mandatory Constitutional Education Act

SBN-1444: Green Measures Act

SBN-1445: National Education Support Personnel Day Act

[ FILED ON NOVEMBER 14, 2022 ]

SBN-1507: Philippine Microbiology Act

SBN-1508: State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) Mental Health Service Act


SBN-1601: Strengthening Professionalism and Promoting the Continuity of Policies and Modernization Initiatives in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)

[ FILED ON JANUARY 9, 2023 ]

SBN-1641: Anti Game-Fixing Act

SBN-1642: Amending RA 10366: An Act Authorizing the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to Establish Precincts Assigned to Accessible Polling Places Exclusively for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) and Senior Citizens

SBN-1643: Philippine Physical Therapy Law

SBN-1644: Food Surplus Reduction Act

SBN-1645: Publication of Laws in the Print or Online Version of the Official Gazette and of a Newspaper of General Circulation

[ FILED ON JANUARY 31, 2023 ]

SBN-1807: Philippine Indigenous and Traditional Writing Systems Act

SBN-1808: Expanding the Prohibited Acts of Discrimination Against Women on Account of Sex, Amending the Labor Code of the Philippines (PD No. 442)

SBN-1809: Granting the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) the Power to Assist the Department of National Defense (DND) in the Creation of New Military Bases and Facilities, Amending RA 7227 (As Amended by RA 9400: BCDA Act of 1992)

[ FILED ON FEBRUARY 21, 2023 ]

SBN-1904: Abolishing the Optical Media Board (OMB)

[ FILED ON FEBRUARY 23, 2023 ]

SBN-1922: Increasing Compensation of Social Workers in Government Service, Amending RA 9433: Magna Carta for Public Social Workers

[ FILED ON MARCH 16, 2023 ]

SBN-2015: Declaring the Kaparkan Falls in Brgy. Caganayan, Municipality of Tineg, Province of Abra An Ecotourism Site, Establishing Kaparkan Falls Development Council

SBN-2016: Philippine Coast Guard Modernization Act

[ FILED ON APRIL 17, 2023 ]

SBN-2070: Mandatory Position for a Human Resource Management Officer in LGUs, Amending Secs 443, 454 and 463 of RA 7160: Local Government Code of 1991)

SBN-2071: Modernized National Measurement System Act

SBN-2072: The Lifelong Learning Development Framework (LLDF) Act

SBN-2073: Adopt-a-Wildlife Species Act

SBN-2074: Refund for Internet and Telecommunications Service Outages and Disruptions Act

SBN-2075: Philippine Online Library Act

[ FILED ON MAY 9, 2023 ]

SBN-2142: Increasing the Hazard Pay of All AFP Personnel to 25% of their Base Pay

SBN-2143: Evacuation Centers Act

SBN-2144: Strengthening the Right of Government to Expropriate Lands for Socialized Housing, Amending Secs 9, 10, and 11 of RA 7279: Urban Dev’t and Housing Act of 1992

SBN-2145: Comprehensive and Rationalized Grant of Rewards to Informers

SBN-2146: Open Access in Data Transmission Act

SBN-2147: International Maritime Trade Competitiveness Act

SBN-2148: VAT Refund Mechanism for Non-Resident Tourists

SBN-2149: Amending Article 179 of the Revised Penal Code by Increasing the Penalty Provided (RA 3815, As Amended)

SBN-2150: Strengthening the Powers and Functions of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, Amending RA 8293: Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines

SBN-2151: Prohibiting the Use, Wearing, Manufacture and Sale of Uniforms and Textile of Uniforms of the Members of the AFP and PNP (Amending RA 493)

SBN-2152: PHIVOLCS Modernization Act

[ FILED ON MAY 10, 2023 ]

SBN-2171: Bank Accounts, Electronic Wallets, and Other Financial Accounts Regulation Act

SBN-2172: Philippine Bamboo Industry Development Act

SBN-2173: Revised Warehouse Receipts Law of the Philippines

[ FILED ON MAY 23, 2023 ]

SBN-2236: Extending the Life of the Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation (PADC)

[ FILED ON MAY 25, 2023 ]

SBN-2249: GSIS Contributions for Non-Career Service Government Employees

SBN-2250: Buwan ng Pelikulang Pilipino Act

SBN-2251: The People’s Budget Act of 2023

[ FILED ON JUNE 19, 2023 ]

SBN-2276: TESDA Tech-Voc Education and Training and Livelihood Programs for Rehabilitated Drug Dependents

SBN-2277: Government Employees Free MA Tuition in SUCs Act

SBN-2278: Declaring the Baclaran Church a Heritage Site and Tourist Destination

SBN-2279: Indigenous Cultural Communities and Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) Community Conserved Territories and Areas (ICCA) Act

SBN-2280: Sustainable Cities and Communities Act

SBN-2281: Free Competency-Based Assessment for Senior High School Act

[ FILED ON JUNE 26, 2023 ]

SBN-2286: Philippine Academic Regalia Act

SBN-2287: Online Network Philippines Act

SBN-2340: Converting the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Hospital as a Level III Hospital

2nd Regular Session 

[ FILED ON JULY 24, 2023 ]

SBN-2341: Foreign Language Education Act

SBN-2342: Nars Para Sa Bayan Act

SBN-2343: Line Workers Insurance and Benefits Act

SBN-2344: Crowdsourcing in Legislative Policymaking Act

SBN-2345: Special Program in the Arts Act

[ FILED ON JULY 24, 2023 ]

SBN-2368: An Act Expanding the Coverage of Espionage

SBN-2377: Blue Economy Act

[ FILED ON AUGUST 1, 2023 ]

SBN-2378: Amending RA 6938: Cooperative Code of the Philippines

SBN-2379: 20% Discount on Travel Tax for Senior Citizens (Amending RA 7432)

[ FILED ON AUGUST 8, 2023 ]

SBN-2397: Integrated Coastal Management Act