Estrada praises PH veterans on National Heroes’ Day

(MANILA BULLETIN) Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada on Monday, August 28 called on Filipinos to honor the valiant efforts and heroic deeds of the country’s military veterans as the Philippines celebrates National Heroes’ Day.

Estrada also said he is glad that this year’s commemoration of the country’s heroes coincided with the enactment into law of the measure increasing the veterans’ disability pension.

“I’m proud that this year’s National Heroes’ Day celebration coincided with the enactment of a measure that increases our veterans’ disability pension,” Estrada said in his National Heroes’ Day statement.

“This law isn’t just a legal achievement, it’s a way to show our appreciation for their service and a reminder that their contributions to our country are highly valued,” he added.

“Let us honor our heroes by striving for a future that embodies the values they fought to protect,” the senator further said.

Estrada is referring to the Act Rationalizing the Disability Pension of Veterans which President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has recently signed into law as Republic Act No. 11958.

“Today, on National Heroes Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to embody the admirable qualities of our heroes. Their legacy inspires us to create positive change, stand up for what is right, and contribute to the welfare of our society,” he said.

Under RA No. 11958, veterans receiving P1,000 will receive P4,500 if the disability is rated from 10% to 30%; those receiving P1,100 will be increased to P5,300 if the disability is rated from 31 % to 40%; those receiving P1,200 will receive P6,100 if the disability is rated from 41% to 50%; and those receiving P1,300 will receive P6,900 if the disability rate is from 51% to 60%.

Those who are receiving P1,400 will now receive P7,700 if the disability is rated from 61% to 70%; those receiving P1,500 will soon receive P8,500 if the disability is rated from 71% to 80%; those receiving P1,600 will also receive P9,300 if the disability is rated from 81% to 90%; those receiving P1,700 will soon receive P10,000 if the disability is rated from 91% to 100%, with the addition of P1,000 for the spouse and each unmarried minor children from the previous rate of P500.