Official statement on the tourism campaign fiasco

Mistakes happen but it is how we respond and rectify them that truly matters. The Department of Tourism’s prompt response and responsible handling of the situation deserves recognition. The DOT exemplified accountability and commitment to learning from this incident.

By swiftly acknowledging the gaffe and taking immediate steps to rectify it, the DOT, under the leadership of Sec. Christina Frasco demonstrated a dedication to maintaining the integrity of our tourism industry.

Understandably, any campaign of this magnitude may face criticisms and differing opinions. Yet, how Sec. Frasco’s handling of the issues confronting the DOT is both admirable and necessary. It is through proactive measures that we can continue to promote the Philippines as a premier tourist destination while ensuring accuracy and responsible marketing practices.

This incident serves as a valuable lesson for all of us in promoting and showcasing the beauty of our country. Moving forward, we should all learn from this experience by further strengthening our marketing efforts to prevent similar cases from arising in the future.