Statement of Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada on calls to scrap bill restoring ROTC

Hazing and other criminal acts are also prohibited in the proposed bills reviving the two-year mandatory Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. In my version of the measure, I have proposed the imposition of the maximum penalty under existing laws against hazing.

Hazing is another form of bullying and therefore should never be part of any activity. It has resulted in tragic deaths even until now when we already have a law against it. The Anti-Hazing Law should be strictly implemented. May paglalagyan sa kulungan ang mga gumagawa nito.

It should be emphasized that purpose of the ROTC training is to provide the youth with the necessary skills not only in military aspect but more importantly in disaster preparedness and response to calamities. The discipline and proper attitude that the training imbibes in the students are also part of the life skills that will be helpful to them In all aspects of their lives. Hindi kailangan mangyari ang hazing sa ilalim ng ROTC program at hindi natin papayagan na isagawa ito sa ilalim ng panukalang ROTC program.