Jinggoy: Appointment of Galvez, Centino to quell talks of unrest in AFP

(POLITIKO) The appointment of Carlito Galvez as Defense Secretary and the return of General Andres Centino as Armed Forces Chief of Staff will put to rest talks of unrest within the military, Senator Jinggoy Estrada said Wednesday (January 11).

In a statement, Estrada welcomed President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s choice of Galvez as the new chief of the Department of National Defense, replacing officer-in-charge Jose Faustino Jr.

“Galvez, as a former AFP chief of staff and a bemedaled Army officer, is qualified in taking the reins of the department in charge of supervising the overall defense program of the country,” he said.

Estrada expressed hope that Galvez will hurdle his confirmation by the Commission on Appointments.

Faustino resigned from his post last week after learning about Centino’s appointment from social media and news reports.

Centino replaced Lt. Gen. Bartolome Vicente Bacarro, who was appointed as AFP chief in August 2022.