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Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada’s expectations from President Marcos’ SONA

Aside from outlining the administration’s policy priorities, including the legislative agenda and plans to address pressing national issues, I am looking forward to hearing the President’s plans for job creation, poverty reduction, measures to stimulate economic growth, and matters concerning security threats, particularly on the issue of China’s aggressive actions within the West Philippine Sea.…
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Senators warn of worsening unemployment, skills problem

(MANILA STANDARD) Senators have expressed grave concerns over the likelihood of the country’s unemployment and underemployment problems getting worse as new graduates lacked the so-called “soft skills.” Sen. Risa Hontiveros said the problem on new graduates being unprepared for the difficult task of finding jobs has long been festering the education sector. Senate majority leader…
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Statement on new graduates’ lack of soft skills

As early as 2014, I have been pushing for an enhanced apprenticeship program in a fervent bid to promote skills acquisition and youth employment. I have re-filed this measure, Senate Bill No. 1083, or the proposed Apprenticeship Training Act in August last year.  Youth employment has been one of the major concerns of the government.…
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