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‘SOFT SKILLS’ | Senators urges education officials to address lack of ‘soft skills’ by fresh graduates

(NEWS 5) Senators on Wednesday urged the education department to address the problems hounding the sector, after a study of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) found many Filipino fresh graduates face challenges at work due to a lack of “soft skills.” Jinggoy Estrada, who chairs the Upper House’s labor panel, urged the trade and…
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Statement on new graduates’ lack of soft skills

As early as 2014, I have been pushing for an enhanced apprenticeship program in a fervent bid to promote skills acquisition and youth employment. I have re-filed this measure, Senate Bill No. 1083, or the proposed Apprenticeship Training Act in August last year.  Youth employment has been one of the major concerns of the government.…
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Senators urge swift action on fresh graduates’ job hunt woes

(INQUIRER) MANILA, Philippines —Urgent action is needed to address the problem of fresh graduates lacking “soft skills” and practical expertise, as highlighted in a Commission on Human Rights report on challenges graduates faced during the pandemic, senators said on Wednesday. Senator Jinggoy Estrada echoed the sentiment that youth employment has always been a perennial concern…
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