Tag: Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2022

Estrada, Padilla Thumb Down Calls For Mandatory Drug Tests for Actors

(VIGOUR TIMES) MANILA,  Philippines — Actor-politicians Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Robin Padilla on Tuesday appeared cold to suggestions requiring celebrities to undergo mandatory drug testing following the arrest over the weekend of actor Dominic Roco for drug possession. Roco is the son of character actor Bembol Roco. He was arrested along with four others during a buy-bust…
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On drug tests for celebrities, actors

Drug tests as a pre-requisite to employment should not be limited to celebrities and actors. It should not be discriminatory. And such proposed drug testing before any work engagements should be encompassing and should not prejudice certain sectors in our society especially if we want to ensure a drug-free workplace. Insofar as those in the…
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