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‘Logo-vernance na lang ba?’ PH’s new slogan gets mixed reactions from senators

(ABS-CBN) MANILA — The Marcos administration’s new governance slogan “Bagong Pilipinas” has drawn mixed reactions from both the Senate majority and minority blocs. Marcos Jr. admin launches ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ governance brand Under the July 3 Memorandum Circular, the Office of the President directs all government institutions, including state universities and colleges, to use “Bagong Pilipinas”…
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Senators back ‘Bagong Pilipinas’

(PNA) MANILA – Senators on Monday expressed their support for the adoption of the new governance slogan “Bagong Pillipinas” as it raises awareness and cultivates a new culture of good governance and progressive leadership. Senate Majority Leader Joel Villanueva said the new slogan emphasizes the administration’s ultimate objective to serve the people through good governance. “We…
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On the adoption of the new governance brand Bagong Pilipinas

It is expected that any new initiative will be subject to scrutiny and varying opinions. However, it is important to recognize the intentions and potential of adopting the new governance brand. I understand that some individuals have expressed reservations about the branding itself. It is essential to note that the Bagong Pilipinas brand of governance…
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