Statement on the successful mission of Atin Ito Coalition

Nakakabilib at nakakaalab ng damdamin ang katapangan at hindi natitinag na determinasyon ng mga kababayan natin na ipaglaban ang soberanya ng bansa sa gitna ng mga balakid at panganib na kailangan nilang suungin.

I stand in awe of the remarkable efforts of these brave men and women from the Atin Ito Coalition for their extraordinary resolve and resilience even in the face of adversity and blatant intimidation.

China may possess larger vessels and wield strong water cannons, but ours as shown by Atin Ito Coalition lies in our secret weapon – diskarteng Pinoy, bayanihan, resourcefulness and love for fellow citizens and country. Their actions exemplify the best of the Filipino spirit and serve as an inspiration to all.

Let us stand in solidarity with them in asserting our rights to the disputed waterway. Let us affirm our unwavering support for the Atin Ito Coalition and its noble mission. Their courage and compassion embody the true essence of bayanihan and their actions mirror best what it means to be Filipino.