Senator Jinggoy pitches new pay hike for 1.9M state employees

(BUSINESS MIRROR) THE chief of the Senate Labor committee is pushing for fresh pay hikes for nearly 2 million state workers, a day after hailing President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s call for another review of daily wage hikes by regional boards.

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada has filed a bill proposing a new round of increase in the take-home pay of an estimated 1.9 million government employees. His bill aims to provide a 10 to 46 percent adjustment in their salaries during the four-year implementation of the proposed measure.

Under Senate Bill 2611, the first tranche will grant government workers a 10-percent increase, followed by an 11-percent increase for the second tranche or second year of implementation; a 12-percent increase for the third tranche; and finally, a 13-percent increase on the fourth tranche. This results in an overall 46-percent hike during the covered period of the proposed law.

Earlier, Estrada said that with no less than the President calling for a prompt review of minimum wage rates in all regions, the possibility of a new salary increase for private workers  is stronger.

“I strongly support taking a proactive approach towards ensuring fair compensation for our workers, especially in light of the rising cost of goods and basic necessities. It is essential to make timely adjustments to the minimum wage to safeguard the economic well-being of our labor force and promote social justice.”

A labor advocate, Estrada said the move “is a crucial step in supporting our workforce and ensuring that they receive the compensation they deserve.”

He assured the public the pay-hike bill for state workers would not be a stumbling block, projecting that “this won’t be a barrier in case the bill we are pushing for a P100 daily minimum wage increase” becomes a law.

“In the long run, if the Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Boards [RTWPBs] determine there is a supervening condition to issue a new wage order in certain regions, this would offer substantial relief to our countrymen who struggle to stretch their meager monthly pay to cover the growing expenses of their families,” Estrada added.