Statement on Maguindanao ambush that killed four soldiers

Today, we stand united in grief and resolve. The recent ambush in Maguindanao del Sur that killed four soldiers is a stark reminder of the sacrifices of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in their unwavering commitment to protect our country from the enemies of the State. 

We must come together to condemn these acts of violence. The incident underscores the ongoing conflict and violence in the region where extremist groups continue to pose a threat to peace and stability. We must stand firm against extremism and terrorism. 

Amid these ruthless acts, I salute our AFP for their bravery and resilience in defending our countrymen even in the face of danger. Their sacrifices do not go unnoticed, and we stand by our brave men and women in the Armed Forces in this difficult time. 

May the families of our fallen soldiers find solace in the knowledge that their loved ones served with honor and valor.