For 61st Birthday, Jinggoy seeks end to Senate-House word war over Cha-Cha

(POLITIKO) Discover how Senator Jinggoy Estrada, on his 61st birthday, calls for harmony between the Senate and the House amidst their heated debate over charter change. A gesture for unity that highlights his wish for a resolution beyond political discord, aiming for the nation’s greater good.

  • Senator Jinggoy Estrada uses his 61st birthday to advocate for an end to the ongoing conflict between the Senate and the House of Representatives over charter change.
  • Estrada’s birthday wish emphasizes peace and unity among Congress members for the country’s benefit.
  • Despite a formal ceasefire between Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri and Speaker Martin Romualdez, tensions and disputes continue among lawmakers.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada spent his 61st birthday wishing that the word war between the two Houses of Congress over charter change would finally end.

Estrada wished for peace between the Senate and the House as he celebrated his 61st birthday on Saturday (Feb. 17).

“Ang wish ko lang ay magkasundo ng dalawang bahay ng Kongreso,” Estrada said in a DWIZ interview on Saturday.

“At siyempre, para sa bayan,” he added.

The House and the Senate are engaged in a word war as senators opposed the ongoing people’s initiative allegedly bankrolled by Speaker Martin Romualdez.

Although Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri and Speaker Romualdez have shaken hands for a ceasefire, lawmakers from both sides continue to trade barbs over the issue.