On the issuance of PH passports, PSA-issued birth certificates to foreigners

Reports on alleged illegal acquisition of Philippine passports using fraudulent birth certificates are not merely a violation of our immigration laws; it is a potential threat to our national security. 

This is a serious break that not only undermines the integrity of our immigration system but poses significant risks to our nation’s security. Our passports are not just documents; they are symbols of our nationality and sovereignty. Any attempt to compromise the authenticity of these documents poses a direct threat to our identity as a nation. 

It opens avenues for individuals with unknown intentions to gain access to our borders and potentially engage in activities that could jeopardize the safety and well-being of our citizens.

The issue at hand requires a multi-faceted approach, involving collaboration between law enforcement agencies, immigration authorities, and intelligence services. We must enhance our systems for document verification and border control to prevent further instances of passport fraud and identity misrepresentation.

Bukod sa nakababahalang impormasyon na nagagawa nang doktorin ang mga importanteng dokumento na nagpapatunay ng nationality o citizenship at legal na pagkatao/pagkakilanlan ng isang indibidwal, importanteng malaman natin kung saan at ano ang intensyon ng mga dayuhan na ito sa pagkuha ng Philippine passport at PSA-issued birth certificates.