Statement on the signing of the Disability Pension of Veterans Bill into law

The long-awaited enactment of the bill increasing veterans’ disability pension by as much as 488% marks a significant milestone in recognizing and honoring those who have dedicated their lives to the service of our nation.

The valor and dedication displayed by our veterans are immeasurable. It is only just and fitting that we reciprocate their selflessness with genuine care and support, especially when they face challenges arising from their service.

Let us remember that this law represents a promise fulfilled and a reminder of our ongoing commitment to our veterans. It is our duty to ensure that the services and assistance we provide continuously evolve to address their changing needs.

Malaking tulong pinansyal ito para sa kanila at sa kanilang mga dependents dahil sa bawat piso na ipinangtutustos nila sa mga pambili ng gamot at pangangailangang medikal, napapalawig natin ang panahon na makapiling nila ang kanilang mga mahal sa buhay.

It is vital to emphasize that this law is not just about numbers on paper. It’s about the lives we are impacting and the families we are uplifting. By supporting our veterans, we honor their legacy, strengthen their dignity, and provide them the comfort they deserve in their golden years.

Finally, I want to convey my sincere gratitude to President Marcos Jr. for enacting this significant bill into law. This action signifies a powerful message that our veterans’ sacrifices are highly regarded and their welfare is still a primary concern. It may serve as a lasting legacy of the Marcos administration’s dedication to those who have protected and defended our nation.