Marcos Jr. signs law raising veterans’ disability pension by ‘488 pct’

(ABS-CBN NEWS) MANILA — President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr has approved a measure raising the veterans’ disability pension, documents from Malacañang showed. 

The Act Rationalizing the Disability Pension of Veterans amends Republic Act No. 6948, or the law that standardizes and upgrades the benefits of military veterans and their dependents. 

Based on the new law, signed on Aug. 24, 2023, if a veteran’s disability is rated between 10 and 30 percent, the monthly pension would be raised to P4,500 from P600 in the previous law. 

Disability rates correspond to the following monthly pension amounts. 

  •  31 to 40 percent – P5,300 (from P675)
  •  41 to 50 percent – P6,100 (from P750) 
  •  51 to 60 percent – P6,900 (from P825)
  •  61 to 70 percent – P7,700 (from P900) 
  •  71 percent to 80 percent – P8,500 (from P975)
  •  81 percent to 90 percent – P9,300 (from 1,050) 
  •  91 percent to 100 percent – P10,000 plus P1,000 for the spouse and each unmarried minor children (from P1,125.00 plus P150 each for the spouse and unmarried minor children)

On the pension for veterans with full disability, the law provided that the veteran, upon reaching the age of 70 is “deemed disabled and shall be entitled to a monthly pension of P1,700.”

“Provided, further, That the entitlement to the disability pension authorized herein shall be prospective and limited to eligible living veterans only,” the law read. 

In a statement, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada thanked the President for approving the law that raised the disability pension by around 488 percent. 

“[It marks a significant milestone in recognizing and honoring those who have dedicated their lives to the service of our nation,” Estrada said. 

“The valor and dedication displayed by our veterans are immeasurable. It is only just and fitting that we reciprocate their selflessness with genuine care and support, especially when they face challenges arising from their service,” he added.