PRIB PHORO: Jinggoy grateful to Sen. Miriam

JINGGOY GRATEFUL TO SEN. MIRIAM: Sen. Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada remembers how the late Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago guided him when he was still a neophyte senator during Monday’s plenary session August 14, 2023. In his manifestation following the passage of House Bill No. 7413 on third and final reading, Estrada revealed that Santiago imparted valuable skills to him, including public speaking, effective communication with colleagues, and managing interactions with the media. “She was very, very unselfish in mentoring neophytes in the Senate, and I am very, very grateful for that,” Estrada said. The bill seeks to rename Agham and The Bureau of Internal Revenue roads as Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Avenue. (Joseph B. Vidal/Senate PRIB)