Statement on the tagging of Rep. Teves et al. as terrorists

The pursuit of justice and accountability for acts of terrorism must be carried out with utmost respect for human rights and due process to uphold the principles of a just and democratic society. It is crucial to ensure that any measures taken by the government to combat terrorism do not infringe upon individuals’ fundamental rights and liberties. Striking a balance between security concerns and the protection of human rights is vital in upholding democratic values and the rule of law. If evidence supports their involvement in such criminal activities, they should be brought to justice through a fair and impartial legal process. Like those similarly situated, Rep. Teves should be accorded the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a competent court. As a colleague of Rep. Teves, I implore him to submit himself to the rule of law and take this opportunity to defend himself, present evidence to clear his name, and have the charges expunged through the appropriate legal procedures. Naniniwala ako na mananaig ang katotohanan sa issue na ito kung paiiralin ang fair, transparent at impartial na legal proceedings.