Estrada tells Marcos: Crack down on agri smugglers, hoarders with iron fist

(INQUIRER) MANILA, Philippines — Senator Jinggoy Estrada is urging President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos to use an iron fist against smugglers and hoarders of agricultural products.

In his second State of the Nation address on Monday, Marcos warned agri smugglers and hoarders, saying their days are already numbered.

“Dapat gamitan na niya ng kamay na bakal ‘yan,” Estrada said when sought for comment on Marcos’ statement.

(He should deal with it with an iron fist.)

“Hulihin na, ikulong na. Kung ma-identify, kasuhan na kaagad, pakulong na,” he added, noting that smuggling of agricultural products is “tantamount to economic sabotage.”

(Arrest them, put them in jail. If they can be identified, they should be charged and jailed immediately.)

The alleged rampant smuggling of agricultural products in the country has already been the subject of several investigations in Congress.

Some of the alleged smugglers and hoarders were even named during the hearings.

Estrada said he himself would also expose the smugglers if he could identify them or if he had knowledge of their involvement.

Following the President’s warning, the senator said he expects actions from the Executive branch within a month or two.

If not, it would be the Senate that would go after the smugglers.

“Gagalaw na kami dito (We will be acting on this),” Estrada said.