Statement on the reported aggression of China Coast Guard vessels and militia vs Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) vessels

We have yet to receive confirmation either from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) or the Department of National Defense (DND) regarding the June 30 incident. Nonetheless, I am deeply concerned about the reported acts of aggression against the PCG vessels as this violates our sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as endangers the safety and security of our maritime forces.

These repeated provocations by Chinese vessels are unacceptable and violate international laws and norms. Our government has the sovereign right to enforce our laws and protect our marine resources within our territorial waters and any interference from foreign entities is a direct affront to our national interests.

I urge the concerned agencies to pursue all available legal and diplomatic avenues to address this issue and seek appropriate remedies. Diplomatic channels should be utilized to convey our strong condemnation and demand for an immediate halt to these aggressive actions.

The protection of our national interests and the safety of our PCG personnel are of paramount importance. We must not tolerate acts that threaten our national security and undermine our sovereignty.