Protect the consumer: Fake celebrity endorsements are blatant violations of Consumer Act – Jinggoy

(POLITIKO) Don’t be fooled by fake celebrity endorsements of products online.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada is sounding the alarm about the proliferation of fake celebrity endorsements of certain food and drug products on social media.

Estrada has called for a Senate inquiry into the deceptive brands ads that feature celebrities without their consent amid concern on the dangers posed on consumers.

According to the senator, it’s high time to address loopholes in the country’s consumer-related laws and update any outdated provisions to crack down on these phony ads.

The proposed Senate hearing was contained in Senate Resolution No. 666 filed by Estrada.

“These advertisements mislead consumers into believing that these celebrities are using and endorsing food and medicinal products that are actually unregistered before the proper health authorities and not yet approved for mass distribution and public consumption,” he said.

These deceptive ads are spreading misinformation faster than a meme. Estrada expressed concern that the fake ads are luring consumers into buying products despite their questionable safety and quality.

“The circulation and proliferation of fraudulent online advertisements are clear and blatant violations of the Consumer Act, which penalizes the dissemination of deceptive and misleading sales promotion practices,” he said.

Even two prominent health professionals have fallen victim to these sneaky game. Estrada mentioned the cases of Dr. Willie Ong and Dr. Tony Leachon who were unknowingly used in dubious social media ads.

“There is an urgent need to protect consumers against the consumption of unregistered and potentially harmful food and health products through the strict enforcement of the provisions of the Consumer Act and regulation of fraudulent advertisements on social media platforms,” Estrada said.

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