Eulogy for the late Senator Rodolfo G. Biazon

Eulogy of Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada

Necrological Services for the late Senator Rodolfo G. Biazon

June 19, 2023

         We gather here today to honor the life and legacy of a remarkable individual, a decorated soldier, lawmaker, statesman, and public servant. We pay tribute to the esteemed former colleague who has left an indelible mark on our political landscape. 

         I share the profound grief of millions of Filipinos, especially those whose lives he touched here at the Senate and in the House of Representatives upon the passing of our dear colleague, Senator Rodolfo “Pong” Gaspar Biazon. 

         My deepest condolences go to the bereaved family — Mrs. Monchie Biazon, Rita, Rino, and Mayor Ruffy. 

         Intimidating, forceful, and inspiring. That’s how I would sum up the person I came to know and worked with for six years during the 13th and 14th Congress. 

         I remember feeling intimidated by him the first time I met him during the 1998 presidential campaign period. 

         I joined some of the sorties of the Laban ng Makabayang Masang Pilipino or LAMMP, the umbrella political coalition party of the opposition, to help campaign for the presidency of my father, former President Joseph Estrada. Sen. Biazon then seeking a fresh term, landed sixth in the senatorial race. 

         Matangkad, matikas, malalim ang boses. Sino ba naman ang hindi mai-intimidate sa kanya?  But as we went through our grueling campaign schedule leading to the election day, I had the privilege of getting to know him personally and his amusing sense of humor. 

         He was a man of forceful character, possessing considerable insight and diplomatic skills. He exemplified these traits when he co-sponsored the Senate resolution concurring with the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) ratification in 1999, as then chairman of the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security. At that time, I was still serving as the Mayor of San Juan.

         By the time I was elected as a senator in 2004, I had the privilege of working alongside Sen. Pong and witnessing his tireless efforts and dedication in championing every bill and fighting for every cause. 

         Beyond the titles and the accolades, he was a true servant of the people. Throughout his tenure as a senator, Sen. Pong was guided by a moral compass that demanded accountability, transparency, and fairness. 

         He believed in the power of unity and collaboration, forging alliances and crossing party lines to achieve meaningful progress for our nation. 

         In his valedictory speech on June 4, 2010, Sen. Pong was quoted saying “I do not consider the shadows of my life that long already for me not to say ‘I may return’.” 

         You have returned one last time to bid us goodbye, here in the halls of the august chamber you have served so well. Sen. Pong, yours was a life well spent. 

         An American Unitarian minister, author, and lecturer once said, “The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men.”

         Indeed, it is an honor to serve alongside someone of your caliber. Thank you for your friendship, guidance, inspiration, and commitment to our mandate. Rest well General-Senator, our snappy salute!