Jinggoy Estrada appeals for better gov’t services for Pag-asa Island residents

(GMA NEWS) Senator Jinggoy Estrada on Monday brought before the Senate plenary the dire situation of residents living in Pag-asa Island and appealed for better government services for the people in the remote area.

The lawmaker delivered a privilege speech after he visited Pag-asa Island last Thursday as part of his duties as the chairman of the Senate committee on national defense and security, peace, unification and reconciliation.

“For far too long, our brothers and sisters in Pag-asa Island have lived in constant uncertainty. They have endured the harsh realities of a life cut off from essential services and opportunities that many of us take for granted,” Estrada said. 

“Their access to healthcare, education, and even the basic necessities of life is hampered by their geographic isolation. Their hopes and dreams often seem distant, obscured by the vastness of the sea that surrounds them,” he added.

Estrada also emphasized the residents’ problems with lack of transportation and energy.