Jinggoy Estrada seeks ‘mutually beneficial result’ for workers, employers amid wage hike proposals

(POLITIKO) Senator Jinggoy Estrada is aiming for a win-win solution that considers the interests of both workers and employers on the matter of wage hike proposals.

Estrada, head of the Senate committee on labor, employment and Human Resources development, recognized the need to balance the needs of workers with the capacity of employers to preserve and create jobs.

The proposed P150 across-the-board wage hike, amendments to the Wage Rationalization Act, among others will be among those tackled by the Senate panel on labor on May 10.

“The best way to help our workers is to ensure that they have a secure and permanent job. Thus, there’s a need to balance the needs of the workers with the capacity of the employers to ensure job preservation and job creation,” Estrada said in a statement.

The senator made the remarks on Labor Day while recognizing the sacrifices and contributions of workers to the country’s economic growth.

In the upcoming Senate hearing, Estrada promised to lend an ear to the voices of workers, employers and government officials alike, and expressed hope for an outcome that benefits all.

“We will listen to the comments and inputs from the tripartite sectors: labor, employer, and government, and look forward to a mutually beneficial result for both workers and employers,” he said.

He assured that the Senate won’t be remiss in its duties to do what must be done to uplift the lives of workers affected by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.