Bati na sila! JV wishes Jinggoy, ‘our better one,’ a happy birthday

(POLITIKO) The two warring Estrada siblings have apparently buried the hatchet.

Senator JV Ejercito has extended a friendly birthday greeting to his half-brother Senator Jinggoy Estrada via social media.

Estrada turned 60 on February 17.

While he regards himself as the “good one,” JV described Jinggoy as the “better one” in the Senate. He wished Jinggoy the Lord’s continued blessing and guidance while celebrating his milestone birthday.

“Happy birthday, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, our “Better One” in the Senate. Kidding aside, may God bless and guide you always. #JVisTheGoodOne,” Ejercito wrote on Facebook.

Jinggoy and JV, who were reportedly embroiled in a longtime sibling rivalry, were seen hugging and congratulating each other following their proclamation as winners of the recent Senate race. The two brothers apparently agreed to co-exist in the Senate and become civil towards each other.

Both brothers lost in the senatorial polls in 2019, with JV placing 13th and Jinggoy landing at the 15th spot.

Jinggoy is the eldest son of Erap and former Senator Dr. Loi Ejercito Estrada. JV is Erap’s only child by actress and former San Juan City mayor Guia Gomez.

Back in December, the two brothers set aside their differences, got into the holiday spirit and performed onstage during a Christmas party with fellow politikos.