Official Statement on the demise of CPP founder Joma Sison


It may not be the end for the CPP-NPA which has been waging a guerilla war since 1969 to overthrow the government but the death of its founding chair may further weaken it. The past few years showed that the insurgency problem, which spanned over five decades and is one of the world’s longest ongoing armed conflicts, has been diminishing due to significant improvements in peace and development in the countryside.

Thus, their efforts to establish a communist state have been nil. While they continue to be a threat that must be eliminated, their strength in numbers has been on a continuous decline.

The government must take this opportunity to intensify the collaboration of different agencies, stakeholders, local government units, and even the general public in crushing the communist idea that drives the armed struggle. 

Responsibilidad ng bawat isa sa atin na pangalagaan ang kinabukasan ng mga susunod na henerasyon at masiguro na matamo na natin ang mailap na pangmatagalang kapayapaan.