Co-Sponsorship Speech on Senate Bill No. 1410 under Committee Report No. 8, “National Hijab Day”

Mr. President, it is my honor to co-sponsor Senate Bill No. 1410 under Committee Report No. 8 entitled An Act Declaring the First Day of February of Every Year as National Hijab Day.  It is my intent as principal author of this measure, having filed Senate Bill No. 805, to institutionalize the declaration of the National Hijab Day in harmony with the annual February 1 World Hijab Day celebration.

Through the National Hijab Day, we are encouraging present and future generations to imbibe the culture and the spirit behind the practice of wearing hijab as profession of faith, modesty and dignity.   

The World Hijab Day celebration fosters religious tolerance, dismantle bigotry and discrimination against Muslim women.  It also envisions a world where we are all united through our diversity, despite race, color, creed or religion. Indeed, this is another important step that we are taking towards Christian-Muslim Filipino understanding and solidarity.  

My congratulations to the sponsor, Senator Robinhood Padilla for prioritizing this simple yet meaningful piece of legislation. Batid naman po ni Senator Robin na lagi akong nakasuporta sa kanyang mga ipinaglalaban, lalo na’t ito ay para sa interes at kapakanan ng ating mga mahal na kapatid na Muslim, na malapit na malapit rin po sa aking puso at sa puso ng aking ama na si Pangulong Joseph Estrada. And with that, I am in full support of Senate Bill No. 1410 under Committee Report No. 8. 

Thank you Mr. President, as-salamu alaykum!