Senators honor pandemic frontliners as modern-day heroes

MANILA, Philippines – Several senators on Monday honored medical frontliners and other modern-day heroes in the commemoration of National Heroes Day.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Senator Jinggoy Estrada honored essential frontline workers who served during the pandemic, risking their lives for the safety of the Filipinos.

He commemorated the heroism of the country’s forebears who fought for the Philippines’ freedom.

“Today, we commemorate the heroism of our forebears who responded to the call of their times and fought for our freedom and laid the foundation upon which our nation proudly stands,” Estrada said.

“It is also befitting to honor today our present-day heroes – our health workers, teachers, uniformed personnel, service crew, and others who served as frontliners in battling the pandemic. Their dedication, courage, and daily sacrifices during this pandemic deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration,” he added.

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