‘Very satisfied’ Estrada praises Marcos ‘doable’ SONA

“Doable and reassuring.”

That was how Senator Jinggoy Estrada described President Bongbong Marcos Jr.’s pronouncements in his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday.

“The assurance that there will no longer be any lockdown is an indication of the Marcos administration’s strong resolve to bring back to pre-pandemic level our economic activities,” the returning senator said.

“I’m glad to hear the President underscoring the need to protect workers from the creative industry to address among others, their working conditions, rights and welfare. Akma ito sa ipinanukala ko na Freelancers Protection Act,” Estrada added.

“I’m more than satisfied with what the President presented as he tackled almost everything, from the current problems besetting the health sector to achieving a sound fiscal management,” he said.

“His reassurance that he will not suspend any of former Pres. Duterte’s infrastructure projects, he in fact even vowed to expand the infrastructure programs, goes to show that he’s not a vindictive leader,” Estrada said.

“Also, it is quite evident and laudable that one of the goals of this administration is to strengthen the agriculture sector, attain inclusive development and bring the benefits of economic growth to the countryside and the rural areas,” he said.

“Isa sa mga naging pangunahing theme o mensahe sa kanyang SONA ay siguruhin na ang pagbangon at kaunlaran ng Pilipinas ay nararamdaman ng bawat Pilipino sa bawat sulok ng bansa, saan man sila naroroon,” he added.

“All in all, I am very satisfied with what I heard on the first SONA of PBBM,” Estrada said. -Politiko