Estrada wants Constitution taught in high school

(MANILA TIMES) SEN. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada wants the Constitution taught in junior and senior high schools to allow the Filipino youth to understand their rights and duties.

The senator filed a bill proposing the teaching of the Constitution to help junior and senior high school students “better appreciate” the country’s history.

“A nationalist mindset must be instilled in Filipino learners who will contribute to a strong Philippine economy, grounded in their commitment to the nation,” Estrada said.

The measure aims to “equip them with the knowledge of the Constitution that they can use in their analysis and involvement in public issues,” Estrada said.

The course, he said, should be developed in accordance with the standards and principles in developing the enhanced basic education curriculum stated in Republic Act 10533.

“The development of technical-based skills in learners with the prioritization of the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics must be strengthened alongside the fundamentals of nationalism and patriotism which will be ingrained in the inclusion of constitution in the curriculum for secondary levels,” Estrada said.